Blackjack Tournaments from Mummy’s Gold Online Casino

Throughout the month of May 2011, Mummy’s Gold online casino Malaysia will be offering slot and blackjack tournaments. There are currently several interesting competitions running at the casino that has significantly increased traffic.

The Freeroll Event

The first is a Freeroll event which is ideal for new players to blackjack or online tournaments. This allows them to become acquainted with the game and tournament process in a realistic atmosphere without having to pay a fee. However, since the competition is a freeroll, the prize pool is only $50, shared by the top four participants. First place will receive $20 and the next three $15, $10 and $5 respectively.

This freeroll will be played for three rounds. After the first round, participants with the lowest chip count will be eliminated from the tournament. At the end of the second round, the top seven players will be selected to advance to the third round. Following every round, players will begin with a new stack of chips.

Survivor Blackjack Tournaments

Once the new players are familiar with the game and tournament play, they can try their luck in the Survivor Blackjack Tournaments. The structure is the same as the Freeroll competition except players must pay an entry fee. The tournament has different entrance fee which will award the winner different payout free credit ewallet slot amounts.

The smallest fee is $3 for a total prize pool of $42. The first place winner will receive $21, second place is awarded $14 and third place gets $7. The next increment is a $5 free for a prize pool of $70 with first place receiving $40, second place wins $20 and third place is awarded $10. The largest tournament in the Survivor series has an entry fee of $10 with a total prize pool of $140. First place wins $80, second place receives $40 and third place gets $20.

Blackjack Attack

The most popular tournament at Mummy’s Gold online casino is the Blackjack Attack. The entry fee is only $5 and the total prize pool is $500. The top four winners share the $500 with first place receiving $200, second place winning $150, third place getting $100 and fourth place is awarded $50.

These three tournaments are an excellent way to make money and sharpen your blackjack skills during the month of May. Stop by the casino to learn more about each tournament and register. Who knows, you could be the next big winner.