Music Basti enables music learning for children to nurture confidence and skills to achieve their best.

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  • The Problem: Children in Adversity

    Thousands of children in Delhi live in community homes or in slum areas without access to quality education. 

    A child growing up in an unstable environment without an enabling support system is ill-equipped for life’s challenges.

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"When I first came here I did not know what a drum set or a guitar was. When my teacher showed us, I was really happy to know I’d be learning more."

Dolly, student at Vidya Community Centre, Okhla

  • The Solution: Nurturing Life-skills through music

    Music Basti Partners with existing community organisation to run weekly music classes for children and adolescents. The classes are fun, engaging and designed to nurture creativity, self confidence and teamwork. 

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"Music makes me feel relevant, doing something that I am good at.”

Rahul, student at Tarang Kala Kendra, Kapashera

How Music Basti Works

Music Basti recruits and trains artists to run weekly music classes that are fun but also intensive so that students learn to write, compose and perform an original song.

The program ends with the annual ReSound concert and students gain the multiple benefits of learning music skills and collaborating to produce and perform their own composition.

  • Training artists to engage children

    Musicians are carefully selected and trained to engage every child in the class, and simplify basic musical concepts to make learning fun. For e.g. teachers use their bodies to teach rhythm and make instruments out of found objects to develop sensitivity to sound.

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  • Music skills training

    Teaching artists use an intense a curriculum to teach rhythm, melody, harmony, song-writing and instruments. Music learning helps concentration, builds motor skills, and supports comprehension in school.

  • Writing an original song

    Children write and compose their own song as a team. In the process they learn to assess their abilities, solve problems and resolve group conflicts learning empathy, and collaboration while being creative.

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  • Concerts and accomplishments

    Music Basti creates opportunities for students perform at neighborhood concerts, festivals and at the annual ReSound concert all held at venues reserved for the elite. With every performance they grow more confident, overcome their fears and feel accomplished.

Through ReSound, children access a safe platform to express themselves, experiment and interact with their environment. Given the uncertainty of their circumstances, Music Basti's programme represents an opportunity to help build their confidence and skills to thrive.


"Our students have been exposed to music and singing before, but (since ReSound) I have seen a remarkable rise in their confidence”

                                                                                                     Daniel Nazareth, New Life Helping Hand, Kanhai Gaon, Gurgaon

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